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3D Model Attached

This involves talking about anything modeled in 3D, and any file related attached.

Bill Schonfelder
Senior Designer Level 3 (retired)
I will show you the changes I made to Ottoky. I will also upload the files and walk you through what I felt would be a better stronger improved case. I took out the holes in the sides because the... (More)
Camilo Parra Palacio
Product Design Engineer @OttoDIY

Ottoky V4 ready to 3D print and test with basic codes

Hi guys!

After multiple iterations we finally have an stable version of our new Ottoky!, we encourage you to give a try.

You just need to 3D print each .STL file one time, the orientation of printing is very important... (More)

Bill Schonfelder
Senior Designer Level 3 (retired)
I did not see your post till I went upstairs to my computer and put this together for you. I can correct it to reflect your pin placement.