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coding file attached

Camilo Parra Palacio
Product Design Engineer @OttoDIY

Ottoky V4 ready to 3D print and test with basic codes

Hi guys!

After multiple iterations we finally have an stable version of our new Ottoky!, we encourage you to give a try.

You just need to 3D print each .STL file one time, the orientation of printing is very important... (More)

Curriculum developer

A interesting soil wet alarm by using IOT and Augmented Reality!

This is a soil wet alarm in an AR project by using 3D modelsthrough connect your sensor to IOT.

Plug your mosture sensor into soil and show smily and sad face as our alarm .

set and rotate boxes and... (More)

Eduardo Alarcon
Founder and CEO at TokyLabs
Axys X and Y working. I think I will do another model with popsicles. It is more rigid than cardboard. Could you please tell me the dimensions of the parts? It is important to know the legs and the width/lenght... (More)
Eduardo Alarcon
Founder and CEO at TokyLabs

Ottoky Eye expession

Nice way to draw arcs in the screen (by Tracy)

there is draw_arc function in that last otto code. This one can handle different shape curve via that height var, but you could fix that h value. Calc is at... (More)