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General Electronics
General Electronics

sensors, analog inputs, Actuators, motors, etc


Hi Philippe,

if you want to detect a sentence, you need iot and VPN to work with google assistant, cortana or alexa. You can find a nice exercise like that in the video below.

If you just want to measure... (More)

Eduardo Alarcon
Founder and CEO at TokyLabs
Great project of a rotating head using servomotors, pixy2 and tokymaker.
Thank you Ben for the time you dedicated to this community!!
Eduardo Alarcon
Founder and CEO at TokyLabs
90 Degrees Pin headers:

Bill Schonfelder
Senior Designer Level 3 (retired)
Ottoky is a good design and good looking robot, but you missed something here. You need to make your body smaller to fit the Toky maker. Are you planning on using a bec or ubec to protect the voltage from... (More)