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Project Show!

Generated screen patterns

Patterns v1 attached. This can randomly generate many different patterns. Growing circles, trees, bushes, wipe patterns that fill the screen. Everything is random driven, and much of the code was playing around with recursive functions, functions that call themselves. Often... (More)

Curriculum developer

A interesting soil wet alarm by using IOT and Augmented Reality!

This is a soil wet alarm in an AR project by using 3D modelsthrough connect your sensor to IOT.

Plug your mosture sensor into soil and show smily and sad face as our alarm .

set and rotate boxes and... (More)

Eduardo Alarcon
Founder and CEO at TokyLabs

Brick-breaker game on tokymaker!

Another project from @Tracy Wadsworth !!

Here is the brick-breaker code. It uses arrays to draw the bricks and should be a good head start on v5 Tetris. Can change the x/y in those arrays and the bricks would move... (More)

Splash Menu v2

@Eduardo Alarcon  recently shared the v1 splash menu, attached is v2.  Still my starting point for projects, but has a few more templates for menu.