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For problems with Tokymaker itself, NOT your project.

Get the Chrome browser.ย 

Click on the "help" tab in create.tokylabs.com46 or create.tokylabs.cn42 and click on "next" until you see all the links to download the browser.


Oh, you can also use the internet app from Samsung :)ย 

Hello Motivado,

Tokymaker has a standard connection port, which means that you are able to connect cables to the header that are used for breadboard or any other prototyping board.

By using the cables you have room enough to use... (More)

Tokymaker is programmed from a website, so you must access the web page. Once the program is uploaded, it works standalone, without internet. If you are using IOT functionalities, you will need to connect it to a wifi.

The Augmented... (More)