I will show you the changes I made to Ottoky. I will also upload the files and walk you through what I felt would be a better stronger improved case.

I took out the holes in the sides because the printer would skip over these causing the plastic to become less strong than a solid piece would. I also added a top plate to strengthen the top along with a backstop for the Tokymaker and clips in front of the case to hold the top in place. This just in my opinion secures it better to the case. Also in the back of the case on the bottom, I filled this in to give strength to clips you used here.

I cut out the bottom to help the Tokymaker fit more snuggly in this opening and added the same backstop on the bottom.

The legs did not print well even at high resolution, each time I printed the leg the slot for the wires would not adhere correctly and I would end up with extra plastic here. I flattened this area out and IMO it prints better.

Once my pins get here I should be able to program it.

Now I want to address the programming, I personally don't like seeing cos, sin, tang, and other languages like this. I am a kiss person, (keep it simple stupid).
So when I saw that both the TokyPet and the Ottoky used this language, I got a little (scared)? to start working with this blockly. Otto blockly seems more simplistic and something I can grasp and understand. I know you can't make it any simpler, and I do know engineering language, I also had to use ladder logics and plcs in my career. But personally, algebra is the only math I really don't like. I like geometry, physics, and logic, and I know this is just me being an old man, but do kids grasp this kind of lanuage today? I can guess only you as engineers can answer these questions.

Last thing on this topic.
I made an account with Digikey and plan to shop there on some of my DuPont, header, and connection pins. The price is fair, not like amazon but fair and they have a good stock. So when you are referring me to a product you want me to look at, please use Amazon and Digikey from now on. Thanks.

Camilo Parra Palacio again you impress me with your design skills. I like this new Ottoky and it shows how well you are tackling a design.