On the Toky Maker, I did some tests this morning.
These are the results of those tests.

1. The TokyMaker does not turn and off from the built-in switch on under button 1 when using a two-pin lipo with a ubec or bec module. You must install a separate switch to the circuit to turn off the TokyMaker's power source.

2. The TokyMaker will work with the switch using the Motor shield because there are three wires coming out of the shield to output 5.

3. The TokyMaker will work with the switch using the USB connection to the computer or power source.

These are my results and if I missed anything please feel free to correct me or comment on this post.

This will mean that when you power up the Ottoky with a battery or a lipo that unless you have a separate on and off button it will stay on and drain the battery.

The only way to fix this would be to make output 5 work the same as the shield in hardware inside or figure out some tiny module that you could plug into output 5 that would connect to the power source. This again limits room in that tiny head of Ottoky.