Nice way to draw arcs in the screen (by Tracy)


there is draw_arc function in that last otto code.  This one can handle different shape curve via that height var, but you could fix that h value. Calc is at (0,0), then code shifts it to where it needs to be.  I believe it uses:  



I wrote some code with large shadowed scrolling font TokyMaker, the letter o,a,e all have curves in them, this one also walks though x solving for y but uses Pythagoras formula a^2+b^2=c^2.  Also in a function called draw_arc, but only coded for being round.  No shift on this one, just draws where it is needed directly.  code is much cleaner and easier to read.

Both codes have a draw_arc function but coded differently.  If you add something into otto_v2 as a function, a mode value could use it, then you get menus without needing to code them.


Finally I added a very simple version of ottoky eye expressions.