This is the TLRO Toky Labs Rover Orbitor Kit. It started with a Toky Pet and transformed itself into this kit.

The first picture is of the entire thing.
The second picture is showing the legs in various sizes with rubber feet.
The third picture shows a Toky maker case that can fit on top of the body.
The fourth picture shows a speaker kit with an amplifier built-in that can attach to the top of the body.
The fifth picture is showing the Toky maker head that can be attached to the body and allows it to pivot left or right.
The sixth picture is something I made just in case the servos are not strong enough to support the body. I fear in this case they may be too weak.
The seventh picture shows another head that could be used with a pixy camera.
The eighth picture is showing one of the possible configurations that the robot could do if the programming is right, the servos are strong enough, the wires are long enough and there is enough room on the board to plug in all the wires.
The ninth picture is showing it from the top down.
The last picture is showing it standing up with the servos at their farthest travel supporting the TLRO without the installed locking mechanisms.

The TLRO can walk, roll, pivot, turn over and fold up if the programming is right and the servos are strong enough.

I am not rich and the correct servos would cost me at least $70 each for the right kind of torque that would be required.

Being a prototype I felt this was the best approach to this design.

The plastic is sound and I stand behind this design.
It is a strong and tranformable robot. I stand behind this design and will tell you it will work.

It is powered up by a 7.4 2s 1000 mah lipo. The motor shield is the best part of these electronics. I am really impressed with this motor shield. I think it is the best device that Toky Labs has created. I think it is even stronger in design that the Toky maker itself.

All of the files are made into STLs. I have not shared any of the files except the walker with ED. It is up to ed to decide how he wants to protect this design.

Even though there are many first types of robots like the open cat, open-source dog, and others. I just used a picture to create TLRO.

As of this writing, I have not tested out anything yet.

Very last picture showing installed locking mechanisms. Now its ready to roll.

Another Update video of it rolling forward 2 seconds then stopping all program from the phone. Amazing πŸ‘