This is one of the projects that captivated the most attention from the TokyLabs Community. It is not hard to build and code, but the result is impressive!

Furthermore, it leaves room for improvement and more complete projects. The code can get as complex as you want, adding more functionalities, but here we are posting the basic one. The main features are:

  • Lights up a Sun when the weather forecast calls for clear on your location
  • Electric lightning flashes and blue drops fall down when the weather forecast calls for a storm on your location
  • Lights up a moon 15 minutes before the sunset on your location.
  • The cloud shows off all it’s colors when party mode is on.
  • The Cloud lights up a couple of stars and a quarter of the moon just at sunset.

Can turn on any of the states by calling them using Cortana voice command.

This is an IoT project, so there is a code for the hardware and a code for the internet services.

The code for the hardware is done at or

The code for the internet services are done at and

Please check if you never did an IoT project before





Learn to code your own prototypes using the simple visual coding interface and just one finger and program it without installing software or connecting cables. Understand the principles of operating system electronics connecting in the most intuitive way, a large variety of sensors and actuators.

LED light

Also Neopixel LED, but diferent format. LED is also known as light-emitting diode is a light source that is able to adjust its luminance and color.

LED Strip

It is a strip of 30 Neopixel LED. Very common and easy to acquire on internet.

LED Matrix

It is a 8×8 Matrix of LED, also Neopixel. With this format, we can create shapes, icons and small drawings.

rope or string

You know, just a rope. But get a thin one.


Cotton will create the cloud-alike shape. Try to use big pieces.


An adhesive substance used to stick things together. You can use hot glue as well.


A writing utensil usually consisting of graphite encased in wood. Due to its cylindrical shape, pencils can also act as a great axle or shaft.

Box Cutter

Also known as a retractable blade knife is a great tool to cut cardboard or paperboa