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Asked a question 3 years ago

Hello. I am not having any problem but I want to ask what is the maximum power that the Tokymaker can deliver per Output. I might connect some motors for a robot :)

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In general terms, it depends on the source of energy, since it will be the one that will deliver the power to the actuators you connect. That's why we recommend using a powerful charger. If your chargers' power is 2 Amps then you can deliver 2 Amps. 

Tokymaker is able to deliver more than 1 Amp per every Output (it has 5 Outputs) So you can connect servo motors and LEDs directly to the Output.

If you want to make Robots at a competition level, there is a PCB to control additional 8 Big Servomotors and 4 DC Motors ( 2 Amps Each)