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Asked a question last year

Hi guys! I am using TokyMaker in my STEM activities. It is a great tool, and we all are having lots of fun with it. Thank you a lot for creating and supporting it. Right now, a few of my kids are trying to make a Toky Gamepad, and I promised to help them with a code, but I am stuck myself. Does anyone have a code for it? The link on the website in the project section is not working :(. Even just a screenshot of the full code would be appreciated!

Where am I?

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Eduardo Alarcon
Founder and CEO at TokyLabs

Hey Alexander, thanks for your words!

did you check this thread in the community?

Also, there is a full course available in google classroom, and a full robotics course if you subscribe to the newsletter in 

Do you have access to it?


best regards and happy making!