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ludovic chauveau
DAD and his sons
Asked a question last year

Hi, I'm happy to receive my Ottoky! But I'm surprise to doesn't found instruction for assembling. I search on the project and I found this one: It's very confusing and not clear ! My children were very quickly disgruntled! But I continue and try to assembling, unfortunately second issue the 3D print is not very whell build and it's brittle ! So I have already break a piece of leg when I tried to put a servo... Could you provide instruction more precise to assembling it ? Also the 3D printind seems not a verygood quality! Is it only mine, I'm alone with this issue ?

Where am I?

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Eduardo Alarcon
Founder and CEO at TokyLabs

Hi Ludovic, thanks for your feedback.

In addition to the free computer science course you can find here:

and the extra curriculum in fields like robotics, smart farming and iot that you can find in this link:ย

We will make a close up video of the assembly soon. This way will be much easier to mount it.ย 

Will keep you updated when this is finished.ย 

Thanks again!