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Bill Schonfelder
Senior Designer Level 3 (retired)
Asked a question 2 years ago

I made this attachment for the OttoKy using the lego attachment. It is a set of double stereo 8 ohm speakers that are powered from a small amplifier inside of the print. Outside of the print are three Neo pixels with leads coming out the back of the print. In the picture it shows two inputs. One is for the Neo pixels, One is for the speaker jack or mono plug. I plan to make the speaker jack into a 3 pin dupont connector once I have someone help me figure out how to attach it to the Tokymaker using its connectors. I am guessing the 5 volts power supply will need to be split with an on and off switch so it can power up the amplifier and the Tokymaker at the same time. Unless the Tokymaker can somehow power up the amplifier using its connections. I could use some help in having someone write a program for this, explaining what connectors they used in the program. The more details you can show me the better it will help me understand how to make it work using your program. Thanks.

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