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Asked a question 23 days ago

upload photo/video. If I am running this program, does the blue LED stay on continuously? What should I be observing with respect to the LED. Can you provide me with the the mac address for this microcomputer? I would like to check router setting to confirmed this is connected to the wifi. Hope these pictures and video help. Again, I can connect with bluetooth with my phone so cool..

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Hello Michael,

Yes, with this code your LED should stay in blue. However you should check few things first:

  • you have a certain number in the blue and your iot is well connected
  • Try to put a value higher than 5, let's say 20.
  • your tokymaker is well connected to your wifi. if you have android you can do a hotspot and check in the phone that tokymaker is really connected. It will appear as "espressif"
  • substitute the feed for a number first, then check that the screen is actually showing the data.

Looking at the video, the led has a redish color. that means that the if condition is false and the tokymaker is not connected to the iot service. I would suggest to run a code just with the "IF" condition and remove the display and delay blocks. then you can see if that part is working.


Feel free to post here your advancements. next time a photo should be enough.

(don't worry for the pin, the connection is there .it is just a piece of protective plastic that is out.)