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TokyLabs Community it's much more than group of people. It's a living and breathing community made up of people from all walks of life, all coming together to build the change of paradigm in STEAM Education.

We want to keep building a community that helps and supports each other to grow, so we've designed a list of our shared values to keep us all on the same page. Please carefully read through to make sure you agree before participating!

These community norms define what it means to be a member of TokyLabs. If you’re found violating these values, your membership could be revoked.

TokyLabs Community is for learners.

To us, learners are high-growth, innovative, and risk-taking people. They attract a unique kind of person – the kind who see problems as opportunities and then take action to fix them. TokyLabs Community is a space for those types of people. It’s not a university library, nor is it a regular forum, so we ask that all our members are engaged in  to learn, support, and connect with other members from our community.


Be open and be curious. 

Step out of your comfort zone, meet other members, ask questions and embrace serendipity. If you want feedback on your project, ask!. Don’t be afraid to interact with other members. Greet newcomers as new friends. These little actions add up to a community that is warm, open, and ready to support.


Be kind.

Treat other members and the staff with respect. Help others before you help yourself. Look after one another. Always remember it's a collaborative digital space, where all members share the same sense of responsibility.


Pay it forward.

Our community is full of teachers, students, beginners, makers, expert engineers and entrepreneurs at different stages of their journey. We collectively expect each other to both give and get something from our culture. Give energy. Give ideas. Give advice. Give encouragement. And expect others to give you the same.

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