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If you've just joined TokyLabs Community or are new to the Forum then say hi and introduce yourself (just reply in this thread)!

We have a global Community so it's great to hear from everyone and a little about you or what you do.

If you're stuck on something  I recommend checking the introduction topic:

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Otto v3.1 code - face features are done

Latest Otto code. Can now mix/match of face expressions on it's own and will do so by default. Code is less organized than I typically like to share, but it works. Uncomment "dance" in the main routine and it can... (More)

Eduardo Alarcon
Founder and CEO at TokyLabs
Something like this...?
Eduardo Alarcon
Founder and CEO at TokyLabs
Hi, here are some ideas for the ottoky v2 - The 4xAA battery holder to be placed horizontally. (attached size and placement) - Lego pattern in the backpack to add lego parts. - foot with a more robust structure (see... (More)
Camilo Parra Palacio
Product Design Engineer @OttoDIY
Hey Guys Eduardo Alarcon had this interesting idea of shorter legs like the first pic. This one uses EMAX motors, that are more expensive (8.5USD each) but we can use SG90 like the video Have you see smaller servos than... (More)