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Products and Services

Announcements of Tokymaker-related products and services 

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If you've just joined TokyLabs Community or are new to the Forum then say hi and introduce yourself (just reply in this thread)!

We have a global Community so it's great to hear from everyone and a little about you or what you do.

If you're stuck on something  I recommend checking the introduction topic:

After this, go to the related topic and post the question there. 

Eduardo Alarcon
Founder and CEO at TokyLabs

Hi Bill,

We already have that functionality built-in our website!

If you are using a laptop, open chrome browser and go to create.tokylabs.com1

Then, follow this tutorial to have Tokymaker up and running:

Once you have that, and Tokymaker... (More)


If you are in China, we have TokyLabs WeChat Group. For the rest of the world we have a group in Telegram: . Telegram group is very cool because you can ask to our Bot questions about Tokymaker,... (More)

Easy! . We offer free shipping worldwide.

Also, you can contact us at hello@tokylabs.com13 and we can inform you about your closest distributor.



For now, you can go to to upload a project. We will review it and publish it. 

There are also other platforms that you can use to upload and share projects, such as Hackaday or Hackster.