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If you've just joined TokyLabs Community or are new to the Forum then say hi and introduce yourself (just reply in this thread)!

We have a global Community so it's great to hear from everyone and a little about you or what you do.

If you're stuck on something ย I recommend checking the introduction topic:

After this, go to the related topic and post the question there.ย 

Eduardo Alarcon
Founder and CEO at TokyLabs
Great project of a rotating head using servomotors, pixy2 and tokymaker.
Thank you Ben for the time you dedicated to this community!!
Curriculum developer
Marball shoot game~ Hi I just wanna share a very cool project --- the marble game box~ What we use is cardboard ,paper straw ,Box cutter ,bottle cap ,rubberband and glue gun! Let's rock and roll for the marble ball~... (More)
Curriculum developer

A interesting soil wet alarm by using IOT and Augmented Reality!

This is a soil wet alarm in an AR project by using 3D modelsthrough connect your sensor to IOT.

Plug your mosture sensor into soil and show smily and sad face as our alarm .

set and rotate boxes and... (More)

Eduardo Alarcon
Founder and CEO at TokyLabs

Eyeball tracking for Tokymaker and Pixy2

Here is a project from Tracy, a legit member of the Tokymaker community.

It is using as CPU a Tokymaker:

And a Pixy2 camera:

The result can be seen in the video and the code downloaded from the attachments below.... (More)