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For problems with Tokymaker itself, NOT your project.

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If you've just joined TokyLabs Community or are new to the Forum then say hi and introduce yourself (just reply in this thread)!

We have a global Community so it's great to hear from everyone and a little about you or what you do.

If you're stuck on something  I recommend checking the introduction topic:

After this, go to the related topic and post the question there. 

I am still having problem trying to display message " Hi ISS" Please see PDF doc for more detail. I appreciate your feedback/help!
I am connected to the internet and I push data too to feed, and confirm the feed has 100 data. The program if statement shows zero. Not sure why? There is a delay to connect to the internet, do I... (More)

Power + B button.  This is normally turned on by the Enable Upload Protection block from the Control menu